Manuel Gutiérrez (ferrol 1963)

Fundamentally self-taught pianist, although he has usually participated in seminars, master classes and piano, harmony and composition classes, with professors such as: Bill Dobbins, Dave Schnitter, or Barry Harris, in the jazz field, and with orchestra conductors Rafael Rodríguez Camacho and Joan Ensenyat, among others.

His professional career ranges from Rock, Folk, World Music, Blues, Jazz, or recordings as a studio musician, to composing music for theater or documentaries. He has played at festivals in Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Bulgaria, Switzerland, South Africa, China and Bolivia.

Currently, he works mainly with Sumrrá, together with Xacobe Martínez and Lar Legido, and is a professor of piano and combo at Estudio Escola De Música.





Maite Dono - Corazón De Brief (Boa, 1998)
Maite Dono . Cantigas de Nadal (varios artistas) (Boa, 1988)
Maite Dono - O Mar Vertical (Xingra 2002)
Sumrrá - Sumrrá (Madame Mir 2003)
Víctor Aneiros Band - Live In Montreux (BCBr, 2003)
Víctor Aneiros Band - O Blues Do Amencer (Gaztelupeko Hotsak, 2004)
Sumrrá - Sumrrá 2 - (Errabal, 2006)
Terela Gradín Quinteto - Lost - (Errabal, 2006)
Roberto Somoza - Tempos De Cambio - (Xingra, 2007)
Rosa Cedrón - Entre Dous Mares - (Warner Music Spain, 2007)
Terela Gradín & Manuel Gutiérrez - Pascala - (Free Code Jazz Records, 2007)
Marcelino Galán - Zinco - (Free Code Jazz Records, 2008)
Víctor Aneiros - Heroe Secreto - (Gaztelupeko Hotsak, 2008)
Sumrrá - 3 ao vivo - (Free Code Jazz Records, 2008)
Sumrrá - 4.0 - (Free Code Jazz Records, 2009)
Víctor Aneiros - Brétemas Da Memoria - (Gaztelopeko Hotsak, 2010)
Julie Gurevich & Víctor Aneiros Band - Back From The Blues - (Gaztelupeko Hotsak, 2012) Manuel Gutiérrez Trio - Illa Da Lúa - (Free Code Jazz Records, 2012)
Marcos Pin Bactor E-Reset - Barbanza - (Free Code Jazz Records, 2013)
Sumrrá - 5 Journeys (Clermont Music, 2016) 

José Nine (DVD) - A danza dos que non se moven  (Free Code Jazz Records, 2017)

Sumrrá 6 mulleres - (Clermont Music, 2018)

Manuel Gutiérrez Trio - Unexpected Trip (Free Code Jazz Records, 2018)

Roberto Somoza - Play Ballads (Roberto Somoza 2018)

Discography (selected)