Manuel Gutiérrez Trío

This project is a fundamentally jazzistic proposal, although open to interaction with other aesthetics. The sound of the group is based on original compositions, and the search for a common sound space in which the musical proposals of its members can coexist. The idea is to start from the individual freedom to achieve a joint sound, that is, that each one contribute their ideas and their personality, putting them at the service of the common cause, with an extensive vision of the musical fact free of ties and clichés.

It has an edited album: "Illa Da Lúa", with Tom Warburton on the double bass, and Dani Domínguez on drums. After a break to attend other projects, is back on track, this time with Iago Fernández on drums, and with a new album: Unexpected Trip.



"As a whole , Illa Da Lua is a varied and engaging work . Gutierrez' compositions are imediately accessible yet still rewarding to repeated listening."

By Bruce Lindsay (All About Jazz)


"Gutierrez has been around the Spanish jazz scene for some time now, as a premier vocal accompanist, and notably as pianist for the band Sumrrá, and with guitarist Marcos Pin among others. Hopefully the appreciation for this record will be the catapult for more projects from this passionate pianist".

James Nadal (

“Nesta caste de suite , pulsa as teclas da elegancia e da expresividade ...Gutiérrez brilla neste trío con outra luz, máis lixeiro".

Teresa Cuiñas (El Pais)


"Y llega Bágoas na chuvia y el tiempo se para"... "cada vez que Tom pulsa una cuerda o Manuel reinventa un silencio puedes ver esas lagrimas en la lluvia y sabes que te ha tocado la fibra, sin lugar a dudas es una composición de las que solo ocurren de tiempo en tiempo".

(Cándido Querol /B!ritmos)


"El pianista Manuel Gutiérrez, que ya está entre mis músicos preferidos desde hace tiempo, descarga oleadas de notas y consigue efectos sonoros en esa frontera de la música contemporánea con el jazz" Candido Querol (B!ritmos)


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